South Africa
Overview of innovation
COVID-19 Biosensing kit will be used to detect the virus via antigen-antibody reaction. Nanoparticle synthetic platform will be functional with antibody-immobilized complex and be fitted in a plastic device. By spitting and blowing on the device antibody-antigen interaction signal mechanism will indicate positive or negative results.


- The desired nanoparticles will be synthesised with functionality of immobilised pecific Covid-19 antibodies to make testing model
-Characterization of testing model
-Parkaging the model to a device

COVID-19 Biosensing kit will be used by medical practice to detect the presence of virus on the sputum or force blowing air on the device. The device can either be fitted with on screen display to indicate reaction or viewing the testing model under microscope. COVID-19 Biosensing kit will give the results immediately or within few minutes after the test, then appropriate action can be taken after results outcomes.

Conventional laboratory testing method is labour intensive and give results after some time. COVID-19 Biosensing kit will shorten turnaround time and severity of the infection.
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Teboho Enoch Tutubala
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Thusasetshaba trading Enterprise Pty Ltd
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Technology readiness level 1
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