Mr Lesego Pitsoane South Africa

The COVID-19 disease causes pulmonary infections, which could be observed by CT images of a patient's lungs as well as chest X-ray images. Clinicians have been able to observe and diagnose similar infections such as pneumonia using the aforementioned approach. By using a dataset of chest x-ray images of Covid-19 infected patients as well as healthy patients, we have been able to create anonymised data. A convolutional neural network model is trained to analyse chest x-ray images, detect and label COVID-19 infected cases. 

Mobile chest x-ray machines and technicians are relatively more accessible, scalable, and affordable than PT PCR tests and laboratory facilities. This approach creates a reliable model to assist in the diagnosis of COVID -19 cases and rank patients from most to least severe, in less than a minute of processing time for results. In contrast to the 24 hour waiting period for results in the PT PCR approach, that may lead to the nonnegligent spread of the disease in the meantime, this approach is more efficient.

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Dr J Cohen, et al, University of Montreal: Chest X Ray images of COVID-19 cases. open source, github,2020