Compuclinic Solutions is a South African IT company that provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Hardware and software support: Compuclinic Solutions can help you with all of your IT needs, from hardware and software installation and maintenance to troubleshooting and repair.
  • Managed IT

TN African Retail and Investment is a female (youth)-led company that works in a variety of industries, including food, telecommunications, transportation, retail, and agriculture. The goal of the various features is to advance women's status in the workplace by giving them leadership roles and

Torphil Trading CC has developed into a diversified company that offers concessions, procurement, logistics, maintenance, and road building. In addition to creating public sculptures, this is done with the help of a resource-engaged, established, and expanding worldwide clientele. The positioning

Prince Castle focuses on the production of braai Charcoal and briquettes/wood within Namibia and in SADC.

TOTH Concepts plans, designs, constructs and maintains a wide range of sustainable and resilient infrastructure solutions. From Civils and Transport, Energy, Healthcare, and Education infrastructure to ad hoc advisory services to Infrastructure Owners, we can help improve the outcomes of investments

AgriLogisTech is B2B2C Namibian startup connecting farmers in Southern Africa to all industry needs such as logistics vehicles, storage facilities, training workshops, value addition hotspots, and industry news via smartphone and web applications. We definitively ensure that farmer operations and

Personal finance, in our opinion, ought to be simple, useful, and easy. Saving customers money, getting them the best offers, and finding them promotions is our main goal. Consider a daily application that people would use to perform tasks ranging from grocery shopping to everything in between.

South African-based Fintis Legacy Funerals and Transport Services is operating in Gauteng, and is seeking financial support for its business.

HUB CART Investment is focused on offering small, micro, and medium-sized companies (SMMEs), the public sector, and large corporate organizations high-quality services both locally and internationally.

Our primary focus is on creating and putting into practice innovative, personalized, and

Mazibuko Motor Company is a South African battery-electric start-up that is developing an electric bakkie the M1B. Mazibuko Motors is developing the vehicle with companies Williams Advanced Engineering(UK) and ItalDesign(Italy & Subsidiary of VW).

Mazibuko Motor company is developing the vehicle

Eihivesa Investments CC is a registered business and co-owned by Helena Jasmaine Eises and Vincent Terence Eiseb. We venture into different economic activities such as Retail, Agricultural, Transport, and Oil Products.

Pre-eminence Financial is legally regulated by Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (NAMFISA),  Pre-eminence provides a range of development-oriented microfinance credit products to meet the needs of low-income households and micro-entrepreneurs by providing affordable borrowing