The company provides cybersecurity and information security services for organizations in Lesotho, with a consideration to expand its footprint globally.

The company provides:

  • Network Penetration Testing( Web Application Penetration testing, Mobile Application Penetration Testing)
  • Cybersecur

Roma Ngoana is a bespoke eCommerce solution that is designed to fit into the socio-economic fabric of the country.

The companies operating model involves deep collaboration between wholesalers and hundreds of sole-proprietorship neighborhood 'spaza shops' to bring convenient shopping to customers

We are a one fresh stop for meat (we rear pigs and broilers for meat production), vegetables, fruits, pastry (homemade muffins & scones), beverages (home-brewed ginger beer), a variety of spices, and eggs. 

Leruo Lebone is a startup providing steel fabrication services such as; 

  • Carport Design and installation
  • Erection of Medium Structures
  • Container Structuring and Detailing
  • Project planning and Execution

We keep point of layer pullets for egg production, so our main product is eggs, we also sell Unproductive layers at the end of their cycle.

We are a trainining and capacity building entity for construction skillls.

Metamorphic construction and civil works is a construction company based in Lesotho.

Mora Events specializes in events management and corporate marketing services. 

Our company is in the mohair and wool sector. Farmers sell their wool and mohair to us, and we buy it and put it up for auction with brokers.

Blessings Financial Services wants to be a pioneer in the microfinance sector by providing assistance to the majority of women and young people who are unemployed and have low incomes.

Starlight Oasis of Hope Hospice is holistically caring for patients and their families while tending to those with life-limiting illnesses. aiding those who provide direct patient care in the medical field. A variety of people and organizations can also get advice from us.

Goshen Tradings is a general dealer based in Lesotho.