The Vulamanz filter, also known as the Woven Fabric Microfiltration Gravity Filter, is a unique fabric microfilter for water and wastewater treatment - robust, easy to operate, easy to clean, inexpensive and that could have a major impact on decentralized water and wastewater treatment. The proposed solution plays a critical role in the short- to medium-term provision of safe drinking water to rural areas in South Africa and other developing countries, where communities rely on untreated water extracted from rivers, dams and/or boreholes. The technology was developed in 2008 and has since been tested, refined and transformed into a successful product.


The module consists of a Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) frame incorporating a permeate outlet, two sheets of fabric glued to either side of the frame, and a spacer between the sheets of fabric to facilitate fluid flow to the permeate outlet. The unit itself is quite simple to operate. The user pours raw water into the tank, the tap is then opened, and filtered water can be collected. This innovation does not require electricity as the treatment is gravity-driven. The simplicity of the design does not require significant infrastructure for construction, operation or maintenance. The Vulamanz has the potential to provide much-needed water to rural communities where people are forced to consume untreated water due to the unavailability of treated tap water.

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