VivoCare: Safe Fat Chickens

The use of antibiotic growth promotors (AGPs) in poultry and other livestock farming has become increasingly restricted, and banned in a number of countries, this is in response to the risk of antibiotic overuse creating the right pressure for superbugs to arise. While the restriction of antibiotics is valid, it has had negative effects on food animal production, as there are lower survival rates amongst food animals. VivoCare is a nutraceutical animal feed supplement derived from a natural plant extract which prevents losses in broiler production in the absence of antibiotic use. VivoCare improves food efficacy and increases poultry survival rates which, increases productivity by more than 6% in the absence of antibiotics. This effectively doubles the profitability of farming activities in the suppressed South African poultry market. VivoCare is developed by Beonics. Beonics is supported by Savant, part of the SEDA Technology Programme, and is funded by TIA.

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