Kingson Capital (PTY) Ltd South Africa
Venture capital fund
Seed fund
Growth capital

Kingson Capital offers venture capital funding and investment for an equity stake.


Our funding is not for loans, but rather debt financing alone. We require a business model and some track record to be in place.

Fund type

Venture capital

How to apply

Please contact us via our website; 


​Other service activities (including membership organisation activities and personal services)

Technology readiness level

TRL 5 – Prototype tested in a controlled environment

Project assessment criteria

Only applicants with requirements for seed/startup/growth capital will be considered within the technology, engineering and healthcare sectors with a focus on innovation. Venture capital requires an equity stake in the applicant's business. Be sure to include the following information on your pitch deck: Company purpose, Problem, Solution, Why now, Market size, Product, Team, Business model, Competition and Financials.

Only investees falling into our three focus sectors (technology, engineering and healthcare) and requiring seed/start-up or growth capital will be considered.