South Africa
Overview of research project
This project performs a Continuum Fluid Dynamics CFD study of droplet based transmission and airborne transmission for Tuberculosis (TB) and COVID-19 scenarios in a Taxi environments. The final goal of the study is to guide development of disruptive and innovative interventions for a Taxi to mitigate risk of transmission, despite full loads and long travel irmes, for the driver and the passengers. These interventions could be operating procedures, mechanical devices and sanitisation systems. Their efficacy must be target and deployed based on an understanding of the fluid dynamics affecting dispersion and contamination in a normal operating environment. To achieve this goal, the study first develops an understanding of fluid dynamics in terms of flow streams, velocity fields, turbulence, extraction and also stifled volumes. Then droplets are introduced via avatars in realistic scenarios of coughs, sneezes, speech, breathing. The droplet trajectories are studied. Following this, various interventions as proposed nca be evaluated and optimised. At later stages, the CFD modeling will cover the suite odf scenarios being considered, and as the study develops, additional complexity will be incorporated. This includes the effects of temperature and humidity, and also the latest knowmedge as it evolves of droplet infectiousness as a function of various physical parameters. These could include droplet radius, age, chemical environment, droplet evaporation and also properties of the surfaces that become contaminated. The study will also benchmark itself against experiments available from the literature or companion studies. Ultimately the best performing interventions can be selected, manufactured and rolled out. The main focus is COVID-19, but TB relevant work is also envisaged.
Name of researcher/developer
Prof Simon Connell
Primary organisation
University of Johannesburg
Opportunity type
Opportunity detail
We have the Team, the several Collaborating Groups, Expertise and Equipment.
We have Medical Researcher Partners, Engineers, Physicists, Industry experts and also collaborators from Africa
We would like funding for students and Post Docs, as we need person power.
We have made a start based on our residual resources available.
No funding to date to undertake project
Stage of development
Concept outline, similar to our project on "Understanding Droplet Transmission in a clinical environment" where Dr Muaaz Bhamjee is the PI
Collaboration partner
Public Health Research Unit
Right to Care
University of Johannesburg
Delta Scan
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Technical University Tshwane
Various students from South Africa and Africa
Research Category