Technology Innovation Agency South Africa

The Technology Station for Materials and Processing Technologies (TSMPT) is located at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Southern Gauteng Science and Technology Park in Sebokeng. It forms part of the VUT's Technology Transfer and Innovation Directorate. As such, it is supported by an Enterprise Development Unit (EDU); Iscor Innovation Centre (IIC);
Engineering Manufacturing Centre (EMC) and Institute for Chemical and Biotechnology.

TSMPT assists SME manufacturers of metal-based products and composite-based products to not only improve their products but their product knowledge, processes, process knowledge and skills. VUT willingly assists and guides potential clients with any viable and marketable products and ideas. This support extends to the acquisition of potential funding
through various institutions.


Technology Competencies and Offerings:

  • Additive manufacturing (3DP, FDM, LS);
  • Contact digitising;
  • CNC robotic milling;
  • GRP casting and composites;
  • Industrial design and product development; and
  • Management and funding support
    • Manufacturing
    • Metrology
    • Non-contact digitising Tooling & machining Training

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