Research on animals and pre-industrialized societies conducted by the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and the University of California, Los Angeles, has shown a strong correlation between Wet Bulb Globe Temperature ((WBGT) – a combination of ambient air temperature and humidity) and the natural sleep cycles of these mammals. From the research, it appears that the waking of these mammals, in particular the pre-industrialised societies, is determined by an inflexion point in the WBGT, rather than sunrise. These societies sleep less, have a better quality of sleep and lack the modern sleep disorder.

Based on this research, a system for improved sleep has been developed to track or imitate the WBGT of an outer environment, thereby countering the insulation provided by modern sleeping quarters. The system allows for presetting minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity, ensuring the sleep environment remains comfortable while still tracking the natural WBGT variation. This system should shorten the time spent asleep, but improve sleep quality.

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