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The present invention relates to a novel synthesis method for acyl-pantetheine derivatives. The invention further relates to the use of said synthesized acyl-pantetheine derivatives as a starting material in the enzymatic synthesis of acyl-coenzyme A derivatives. According to a first aspect thereof, the present invention provides a method for the synthesis of acyl-pantetheine derivatives, the method including the steps of: a) providing a source of pantetheine; b) providing a source of acyl ester; and c) contacting the source of pantetheine with the source of acyl ester to form the corresponding acyl-pantetheine derivative, having the general formula (I), wherein R is an acyl group. The present invention also provides a method for the synthesis of acyl-coenzyme A derivatives as well as the use of a source of pantetheine and a source of acyl ester in the preparation steps of these two methods.



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