This is a pilot call aiming to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs, through the implementation of results from ongoing or recently finalised research and innovation projects to advance the knowledge-based achievement of the SDGs, from local to regional scale. Projects will be funded through international consortia where researchers together with implementation partners and stakeholders collectively and collaboratively aim to improve research outcomes for impact. The research and outcomes of the projects funded should lead to impact on society and improve the livelihoods of people on the ground.

Available budget: €300,000 (approximately 5.1 million Rand)

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Full description

Project requirements

The call seeks to fund collaborative, transdisciplinary and cross-cultural consortia.
The consortia are to consider the following in terms of approaches and objectives/outputs:

  • have a challenge approach with clear-cut implementation goals to effect and measure impact;
  • use targeted and innovative action aimed at contributing towards the achievement of SDGs that are likely to have societal impact;
  • that addresses a minimum of one and a maximum two of the challenges described above
  • based on results from one or more ongoing or recently finalized research or innovation projects (ongoing for at least two years or finalized in 2017 or later);
  • facilitate international collaborative action that prioritises the practical relevance of research outputs and the ability to share data and deliver innovative implementation approaches geared towards impact;
  • advance knowledge-based achievement of the SDGs at local or regional scale in at least one participating country within a consortium.


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