South Africa
Overview of research project
There is a pressing need to rapidly simulate accurate complex conceptual models (Agent-based Models) for the spread of an epidemic within a population. Accurate agent-based models allow for thorough scenario planning allowing on to simulate the impact of extensive external factors. This research aims at understanding how one might reduce the parameterization time of a complex conceptual model without reducing its accuracy. This understanding will be enriched by tapping into state-of-the-art (SOTA) research in online and offline machine learning (ML) algorithms for surrogate models.
Name of researcher/developer
Prof. Terence van Zyl
Primary organisation
University of the Witwatersrand
Opportunity type
Opportunity detail
Access to individuals with extensive knowledge of the state of the art in agent-based modelling of epidemics.

Access to high-end computing or cloud computing infrastructure with large numbers of cores for executing experiments.

Support in the form of bursaries researchers including Post-docs and MSc/PhD students to extend the research and to bring it into production faster.
Self-funded (e.g. from own or institutional resources)
Stage of development
Research in progress
Research Category