The Stress and Stroke Predictor is a digital prediction tool that uses 3 biomarkers and blood pressure readings to accurately predict and quantify future risk of chronic stress and resulting diabetes, ischemic heart disease and stroke. Using a proprietary algorithm, formulated from 30 years of clinical research on this topic, the assessment tool is easy and fast to use.  It delivers scientifically validated results, enabling quantification of risk severity in patients.

Patients who are unknowingly at risk of chronic stress, diabetes and stroke, as well as their clinicians, would have great benefit from this technology. Advance warning would enable patients to submit themselves to preventative treatment regimes and avoid significant health and quality of life setbacks and costs.

In addition, life insurers, disability insurers and medical aid schemes would be able to adjust their risk models for particular members or clients, based on their true risk profiles for stroke, chronic stress and diabetes.

In an age of wellness awareness amongst individuals and corporate employers, this tool can have a big impact. It offers the most accurate, science-backed quantifying prediction model available for stress, stroke and diabetes. Global application possibilities. MVP has been developed, further refinement and integration may be required by licensees, approval/acceptance under standard Treatment Guidelines required.

International country patents to be pursued next. Principal investigators are available on a consulting basis.

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Prof Leone Malan , North-West University and Prof Nico Malan , North-West University

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