Department of Trade Industry and Competition South Africa

SPP was initiated to develop and support programmes/interventions aimed at enhancing the manufacturing and services supply capacity of suppliers with linkages to strategic partners' supply chains, industries or sectors. 

Fund type

How to apply

To apply visit the dti website, and locate the financial assistance tab. All information including application forms and guidelines is provided for in each of the dti funding and/or incentives.


Project assessment criteria

The applicant/project will be evaluated based on the following evaluation criteria: management competency with business and technical background and entrepreneurial and leadership skills, track record in successfully mentoring and coaching SMEs, comprehensive project proposal, availability of funding and commitment from strategic partners to fund the project, SME support and capacity to develop networks, extent to which partners are committed to and have demonstrated capacity to create market access opportunities for the product and services arising out of the strategic partnership programme, realistic exit strategy and post-programme support plan and contract values.

The strategic-partner should either register a Special Purpose Corporate Vehicle (SPCV) incorporated in the Republic of South Africa or set up a separate cost centre or branch solely dedicated to the purpose of participating in this programme. The SMEs supported by the strategic-partner must be a South African registered legal entity, involved in manufacturing, agro-processing, mineral beneficiation and manufacturing related service sectors of the economy.


Closing date