University of South Africa

Conventional irrigation sprinklers which are fitted with rises pipes above the ground are prone to mechanical damage and disorientation. As a result, the lifespan of the irrigation system is shortened or the potential of irrigation systems to optimally irrigate the required surface areas are compromised. Furthermore, the vertical pipes of the irrigation sprinkler that are exposed above the ground are often not fitted in uniform or aesthetically pleasing fashion which affects landscape design. The Sprinkler Guard technology offers an alternative solution aimed at managing the destruction and damage associated with rigid irrigation riser sprinkler pipe while improving the aesthetics of irrigation landscape systems.  The Sprinkler Guard is a protective fixture that is positioned around the riser pipe above the ground to protect both the sprinkler and the riser against damage. Designed with aesthetically pleasing features and custom-fitted, the Sprinkler Guard compliments landscape design.

Due to their extensive use in residential and commercial sectors, sprinklers dominate the landscape irrigation market.  Manufacturers of sprinklers invest numerous resources to produce devices that will efficiently distribute water with a high degree of uniformity. However, despite these advances in irrigation systems, their usable lifespan is often short-lived due to mechanical damage which demands replacement thereby increasing costs. Furthermore, water conservation is an on-going concern for the landscape irrigation sector that requires efficient solutions. The Sprinkler Guard technology introduces a solution that protects sprinklers against avoidable damage, therefore, improving the efficiency and usable lifespan of irrigation systems while providing aesthetically pleasing landscapes.

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