Spinetector Vest - Is an upper-body safety costume designed to lessen or eliminate injuries caused by rock-fall, impact of heavy machinery and tools on the spinal cord of the vertebral column, shoulder section, kidneys as well as the rib cage. The vest is designed to be worn by workers in mining and high-risk construction companies.

The current personal protective clothing on the market covers most but not all of the basic human body parts. Motivation is drawn from injuries of employees who were trapped at Lily mine during 2016, 1800 in Sibanye, etc.  Falls of ground make up to 30% and transportation account for 17% of fatalities in the industry.

There are several indirect competitors in the South African and European market each focusing on one or more specific product categories(safety helmets, safety glasses, knee pads) such as Sondor and Du pont however, there are no direct competitors for the Spinetector due to the uniqueness of the product.


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