Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

The CSIR is a leading technology research organization which has been working on R&D and innovations on green ICT technologies to realise affordable broadband connectivity for rural and underserved communities – an effort to achieve aim of “leaving no one behind by 2030” as championed by the United Nations.  In line with this agenda, the CSIR has developed ICT technologies for effective management of national radio spectrum resources, including a model-based geo-location spectrum database (GLSD) and spectrum sharing radio network planning tools, aimed at addressing the glaring broadband demand for the digitally unconnected subscribers in South Africa and beyond. The technology of innovative spectrum sharing radio networks lends itself for countrywide beneficiation in the form of the creation of new rural network provider small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as wireless internet service providers (WISPs) which are expected to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development locally.

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