Overview of Business

Sentian Aerospace (Pty) Ltd is an award-winning, fully fledged drone manufacturing company.The company`s BBBEE status is level 2 with 51% Black ownership.

In 2014 the team embarked on a project to design and build a fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with Vertical Take-Off and Landing capabilities. The idea behind the project was to design and manufacture a locally produced UAV that was versatile in function, affordable and yet globally competitive.

The drone is called the Sentian UAV. What makes our system unique is that it was designed to have multi role mission capabilities. The UAV itself is just a platform to carry a deployable pod on the fuselage under side, many pods will be designed to carry different instruments and sensors to perform various missions. Furthermore, the system is able to take off and land vertically thereby eliminating the need for runways to launch or land the UAV. This VTOL capability gives it an advantage over other UAVs in its space because it can take off and land vertically practically from anywhere as well as hover like a helicopter.

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South Africa
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