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Proposals are invited in any of the categories in the South African Minerals to Metals Research Institute (SAMMRI) Technology Roadmap.

Preference will, however, be given to proposals in the following areas:

  • Mine-to-metal value optimisation;
  • Enhanced concentrator, smelting and refining process technology;  
  • Use of poorer quality water;
  • Enhanced fine grinding technology;  
  • Selective liberation;
  • Minimising emissions, effluents and waste;  
  • Geo-metallurgy tools and techniques; and 
  • Efficient ore sorting/concentration technology. 

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Full description

The proposals on the abovementioned areas should aim to:

  • Foster multi-disciplinary collaboration across local HEIs.
  • Encourage participation of technology-oriented SMEs.
  • Deliver outcomes of which the technology readiness has been maximised, i.e. providing a clear understanding of their potential impact and implementation.
  • Develop sustainable solutions that would improve process efficiencies and reduce cost.
  • Assess, where relevant, environmental and safety risks.


Proposals are expected to provide evidence that they will support the following objectives:

  • Ensure a pipeline of high-caliber skills to the South African mineral processing industry and academia;
  • Strengthen South Africa’s leadership in mineral-to-metal research and solutions through generated know-how (patents, publications in high-impact journals and conferences, joint public-private publications etc.);
  • Improve the economic viability of SA mining and mineral processing operations; and 
  • Assist in the longer term to unlock new reserves or currently unexploited resources in the SA mining industry.

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