Propella Business Incubator South Africa

Seeing the need for devices to assist people suffering from Covid-19 and other diseases, a multi-disciplinary team of innovative young engineers from HedgeSA in Port Elizabeth has halted their projects to develop a low-cost bag-mask ventilator. The device addresses the urgent need for a low-cost non-invasive ventilator for less serious cases and frees up the expensive units used in intensive care units for those in need of advanced care.

Salutaris Product Features:

• Low cost – other units positioned at $ 300 and upwards

• Automatic

• Portable – can function on AC and DC

• Easy to assemble

• Easy to use – pictograms provided

• Easy to maintain and replace wearing / faulty components

• Measures important clinical parameters

• Compact and light

• Aesthetically pleasing

Opportunity type

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