Propella Business Incubator South Africa
Overview is a B2B "off the shelf", cloud-based, salesforce automation sales tool, to help you accelerate and automate your sales process to increase revenue growth. 

Accessing a reputable and scalable salesforce tool that can be implemented to drive the sales process at the SME level can be hard. has been developed to assist SMEs drive revenue through sales. Our automated sales-force tool will ensure SMEs can: *Apply a comprehensive approach to GET customers by ensuring that an effective and efficient customer prospecting plan is in place. *Implement an adequate plan to manage contacts while promoting lead generation and revenue growth. Produce in-depth analysis of sales progression via reports and other insightful functionality, useful for sales forecasting, and proving business sustainability and growth to other business stakeholders. The ability to achieve the above activities with the sales process in an automated manner can assist SMEs to achieve better revenue growth through accelerated sales tactics.

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