Technology Innovation Agency Egypt

In November 2019, South Africa’s Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), together with Egypt’s Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), signed a collaboration agreement that is intended to further enable the promotion of targeted market-oriented research cooperation and technology innovation partnerships between the two countries. 

Following from this, TIA and ASRT hereby invite interested participants to submit applied research and innovation project proposals in the domain of Disruptive Technologies with a focus on real-world solutions in agriculture, water, renewable energy and health.

This Call for Proposals will follow a two-step process, wherein the first step entails the submission of a Concept Note, on the basis of which relevant partner organisations in SA and Egypt can be matched and then invited to submit a full joint project proposal. 

Click here to download the concept note template. 

Full description

Eligibility criteria:

To apply to this Call, the applied research and innovation project partners must meet the following criteria:

  1. Developing a new disruptive technology in the fields of agriculture, water and/or health.
  2. The proposed technology product, process or service must be innovative, and there must be a technological risk involved. In addition, there must at least be a proof of concept in place (e.g. prototype).
  3. Willing to enter into a partnership agreement with a partner organisation in SA and Egypt.
  4. Must be a registered start-up in line with the relevant SA and Egyptian legislation.
  5. Clearly show and motivate potential for SA and Egyptian markets.
  6. Have a civilian purpose.
  7. Have an obvious advantage and added value resulting from the cooperation between the participants, (e.g. joint tech dev opportunities, commercial leads, access to markets etc).
  8. A signed Partnership Agreement is mandatory before the actual start of the project. The Agreement will include the ownership and use of know-how and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) settlements.

Closing date

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