Riversands I-Hub, located in Johannesburg, is a ground-breaking initiative with the ambition to foster inclusive economic growth through the development of small businesses. The Hub stimulates the local economy by offering a range of enabling small business development services and resources. This includes world-class physical infrastructure, growth-orientated business services and a vibrant ecosystem.


High potential SMEs are accommodated at Riversands for a period of up to three years at a low-cost rental with entrepreneur-friendly leasing terms and a full range of business services and resources available. The campus is home to +150 small businesses.

Apart from infrastructure, business owners can also access; 

  • Leadership & strategy – Setting the vision & direction
  • Marketing & sales – Bringing products & services to market
  • Systems & operations – Efficient delivery of products and services
  • Premises – A professional working environment at an affordable price, flexible lease terms, infrastructure and an entrepreneurial community.