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Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Decoupling economic growth from resource use is one of the most critical and complex challenges facing humanity today. Doing so effectively will require policies that create a conducive environment for such change, social and physical infrastructure and markets, and a profound transformation of business practices along global value chains.


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Central University of Technology Innovation Services

The Easy Cheesy Grated Cheese Tong is specifically designed to pick up grated cheese. Instead of using your fingers, you can now conveniently use this tong to pick up grated cheese. It's also more...

Wits Commercial Enterprise

Various techniques are available to locate magnetic bodies buried in the subsurface, particularly when it comes to mining explorations. Existing techniques have restrictions and problems, such as only...

Agricultural Research Council

Postharvest table grapes are susceptible to fungal infection even when stored at the optimal temperature of −0.5°C. The most important pathogen of stored Table Grapes is grey mould, which is caused by...

University of Johannesburg


The invention relates to an apparatus for applying foliar spray, and more specifically, but not exclusively, to an apparatus for applying a carbon rich foliar spray. The apparatus...

University of Johannesburg


A method of rapidly determining germination energy in harvested Barley. The technology presents a disposable pregnancy-test-type format that is fast and ideal for on site testing.


University of Johannesburg


A method of extracting scopolamine-rich extracts from local indigenous plant material. Scopolamine is a pharmaceutical ingredient used in the treatment of nausea, motion sickness...

Nambu Group

Nambu has developed an innovative low-cost model of insect protein production that turns food and other organic waste streams into a high-value source of proteins, oils and micronutrients ideal for...

North-West University

Green Coal is environmentally friendly coal briquettes produced from discarded fine coal, bio-char material, and proprietary chemical binders. The briquette reduces sulphur emissions during combustion...