Digital Square at PATH United States

Digital Square is releasing a Request for Application (RfA) for a newly conceptualized Digital Health Applied Leadership Program (DHALP).  

The DHALP responds to demands from countries for greater support in digital health and leadership capacity building. It also responds to the critical need to build cadres of well-informed, effective leaders to help countries implement digital health systems, as identified in the WHO Draft Global Strategy on Digital Health and other global and regional strategies. The vision for the DHALP is a blended-learning program to prepare digital health leaders and members of country governing bodies to successfully lead and execute digital health transformation initiatives. A flexible, interactive, and modular approach to learning, the DHALP comprises core courses, virtual workshops, and a final in-person “graduation” workshop at the end of the Program, with support throughout from learning facilitators and coaches.

As outlined in the RfA, PATH/Digital Square is seeking an Africa-based organization or consortium of partners to manage and implement Phase 1 of the DHALP. Phase 1 will be an 18-month period of delivering already-developed online courses and workshops, focused on strengthening African digital health leaders–including Francophone Africa. The aspiration for DHALP is to become a global program adapted for needs in different regions, so potentially regional hubs will emerge to run the DHALP in other regions (for example, in Asia) during Phase 2.

The DHALP aims to support the WHO resolution on digital health and its corresponding draft global strategy on digital health. If you believe your organization or consortium can establish, manage, and grow the DHALP, we encourage you to apply.

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Full description

This RfA requests that Applicants respond in detail to Phase 1 – delivering DHALP as an online 18- month program, including:

  • Development of competency framework for the DHALP, drawing on the UHC and Digital Health Competency Framework developed by WHO;
  • Gender-inclusive recruitment and enrollment of 30-40 learners from sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Support for English-speaking learners from 1-2 countries who express interest; 
  • Support for French-speaking learners from Guinea, DRC, and potentially 1-2 other countries who have expressed interest;
  • A kick-off orientation meeting to welcome all the participants (learners, coaches, facilitators) to orient them to the DHALP and confirm learners’ goals have been set with their managers;
  • The delivery of four online courses, completed in partnership with WHO, USAID, TechChange, World Bank, and others; 
  • The applicant will manage sub-awards with the course developers, including TechChange for the course “Digital Health: Planning National Systems”; 
  • Coordination and facilitation of one final leadership workshop and graduation ceremony at the end of the Program; 
  • Organization of learners into coaching groups;
  • Recruitment, engagement, and support of coaches who will hold regular virtual sessions with the learners; and
  • Coordination and delivery of individual certificates of completion for each online course, in partnership with WHO.

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