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OpenHIE COVID-19 Task Force is identifying and developing standards for data exchange and interoperability as part of the digital COVID-19 response. Digital Square/PATH, through this RFA, seeks to partner with sub-recipients that are able to adapt the outputs from the OpenHIE COVID-19 Task Force into global goods in order to better support the COVID-19 pandemic response.

The COVID-19 Task Force actively works toward identifying, coordinating, and proposing data standards and data exchange patterns relevant to the COVID-19 response. While data flow and harmonization is critical, this RFA recognizes the value of the health workforce and supply chains in this space and, as such, invites applications that will adopt the Task Force’s guidance.

Please refer to the full Request for Application here 

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PATH is the leader in global health innovation. An international nonprofit organization, we save lives and improve health, especially among women and children. We accelerate innovation across five platforms— vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, devices, and system and service innovations—that harness our entrepreneurial insight, scientific and public health expertise, and passion for health equity. By mobilizing partners around the world, we take innovation to scale, working alongside countries primarily in Africa and Asia to tackle their greatest health needs. Together, we deliver measurable results that disrupt the cycle of poor health. Learn more at

Digital Square is a partnership of the world’s leading digital health experts working together with countries to strengthen digital health systems. In pursuit of our Mission: connect health leaders with the resources necessary for digital transformation, Digital Square offers a new way to invest in digital health—providing a space where countries and members of the global community can gather to think big and do good, together. By convening government officials, technological innovators, donor and implementation partners, and others across borders and boundaries in the Digital Square, we can grow possibility into reality by focusing on our common goal: connecting the world for better health.

Digital Square works in three key ways:

● Co-investment: We coordinate investments in digital health to maximize the impact of every dollar spent.

● Global goods: We scale tools and technologies that can be adapted to different countries and contexts.

● Digital market readiness: We create digital market readiness by building capacity with governments, local technology developers, and health workers.

Digital Square and our donors are working to support core investments into global goods to meet the requirements coming from the open health information exchange (OpenHIE) coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Task Force. The OpenHIE COVID-19 Task Force seeks to identify and collate information relating to data standards and data exchange relevant to the COVID-19 response in low- and middle-income countries. Focal areas include gap identification, the establishment of standards for data exchange priorities, and adherence improvement through guidance and documentation. In addition to ensuring that rapidly deployed solutions can be integrated into existing national digital health architectures, Task Force outputs include, but are not limited to, HL7 FHIR profiles and implementation guides.

Please refer to the full Request for Application here 

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