South Africa
Overview of research project
We have commissioned 14 embroidered panels from the Mapula Embroidery Project in the Winterveld, just north of Pretoria. The idea is that the making of the works will provide project members with opportunities to convey their observations about the impact of the disease on their lives and community, while also gleaning a much-needed income during this difficult time. Our plan is to exhibit the works in the gallery that is part of our facility when this is feasible, and to show time this show to coincide with a conference on representations of pandemics.

I have done extensive research on the Mapula Embroidery Project and published a book on the group in 2006. I intend to use the commissioned work as the basis for further publications, taking the opportunity to also consider shifts and changes in the way the project is structured as well as new developments in their work and approach since the publication of my book.

Name of researcher/developer
Prof Brenda Schmahmann, SARChI Chair: South African Art and Visual Culture
Primary organisation
University of Johannesburg
Opportunity type
Opportunity detail
We are willing to travel the works to museums and art galleries if funding for this purpose is provided.
Repurposing of existing grants
Stage of development
The works are currently being produced.
Research Category
Social Science