University of Johannesburg

Rapid Screening of Barley

A method of rapidly determining germination energy in harvested Barley. The technology presents a disposable pregnancy-test-type format that is fast and ideal for on-site testing.

Presently, within the brewing industry, no accurate means to measure levels of seed germination exist. Testing of seed germination energy takes place prior to storage and the malting process. Premature germination means that seeds cannot be used for malting in the brewing process. Methods currently used for the determination of germination energy is cumbersome and not suitable for rapid screening of large quantities of seed on a commercial scale. An on-site means of determining premature germination by a non-skilled person is required.

For use by breweries, microbreweries and industries where germination energy is to be determined. Germination of seeds is important to ensure a successful malting process.

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