South Africa
Overview of research project
COVID-19 outbreak brought a sudden change in the manner in which both staff and students conducted academic business at the University. The closure of academic campuses and the suspension of face to face contact meant that staff and students had to adapt to the online environment with immediate effect. Both groups had to learn new skills and some had to acquire devices to be able to work and study online. This period brought to the fore the inequality and inequity gap that exists amongst both the students and Library staff. The study seeks to understand the extend and nature of the challenges face by both staff and students and to come up with way to address these going forward.
Name of researcher/developer
Frederick Mavhunduse; Kenneth Chinyama; Santha Geduld and Prof Maria Frahm- Arp
Primary organisation
Opportunity type
Opportunity detail
The team will require the following:
data collection and analysis tool
data analysis expertise
editing and publishing funds
No funding to date to undertake project
Stage of development
The research is in progress
Research Category
Social Science