Process Energy and Environmental Technology Station (PEETS) is located at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) Mapulong Building, Doornfontein Campus. The primary mandate for the PEETS is to contribute towards improving the competitiveness of industry through the application of specialised knowledge, technology and facilitating the interaction between industry (especially SMEs) and the academia in order to enable innovation.

Focus Areas:

  • Environment &Water (Solid Waste Management, Waste Water, Clean Water, Air Pollution);
  • Renewable & Solar Energy (Biosgas, Energy and Energy Efficiency); and
  • Photovoltaic Cell Bioenergy Bio Diesel

Technology Competencies and Offerings:

  • Air Quality Auditing;
  • Energy Auditing;
  • Engineering Consultation;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Process Optimization;
  • Product and Process Development/Improvement;
  • Prototype Assembling;
  • Testing/Analysis;
  • Technology Research and Development;
  • Training and Demonstration; and 
  • Waste Characterization

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