The Poultry Farmers Management System Platform  (SaveTheChicken App) combines AI, big data and big data analytics into predictive models that function in real-time by facilitating accurate, rapid detection and diagnosis of poultry diseases. The App accessed via a smartphone allows responses to be made sooner when a disease is detected, decreasing further transmissions and associated costs. This intensive system utilizes data captured from various locations to allow farmers to better monitor and control both the birds and their environment. This is achieved through three simple steps:

- A farmer takes a photo or video of chicken or chickens faeces and submits via the App;

-The App scans, detects, analyse and evaluates the condition and;

-Then provides the results with friendly treatment advice for the chicken.

Farmers can also consult a veterinarian on the platform at all times and also receive updates on best practices and vaccination reminders. With all the data accumulated, the app provides real-time predictions on the locations and timing of disease outbreaks to help flock owners prevent possible mortalities and quarantine.

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