The invention includes designing, manufacturing and testing of pneumatic actuated prosthetic foot. This prosthetic foot will assist the users in pushing off during locomotion, by utilizing pressurised air to produce a net positive force during the push-off stage of gait. All of this will be achieved mechanically, without using any electrical signal to move the foot. The prosthetic foot will consist of a pneumatic cylinder attached to the foot and leg on the posterior aspect of the prosthetic leg, a mechanical valve attached to the plantar surface of the prosthetic foot and air storage attached on the anterior aspect of the leg. The mechanical valve will be activated when the patient is pushing down on the ground trying move forward, this will drive air from the air storage to the pneumatic cylinder, the valve will then be deactivated when the patient lifts the foot off the ground. The foot will be used by people who have suffered lower limb amputation at least above the ankle joint. 

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