Central University of Technology Innovation Services South Africa

Phehla Cut Craft Brewery: Yeast Can Have Culture Too

Phehla Cut Craft Brewery is completely unique to the Central University of Technology Innovation Services (CUTis), Dr. Hanita Swanepoel initiated beer brewing as a hobby during her post-doctoral research fellowship. Her team soon grew to include microbiologists, food scientists, engineers, marketers and graphic designers. Phlehla brews have since gone on to win SAB’s best Spirit award. The brewery derives its name, Phehla, from one of the Mzansi’s urban legend stories. The legend is popularly believed, among local communities, that a Phehla beer is brewed by a woman ensures that her husband or partner will not have ‘a wandering eye’.

he craft beer is not commercial yet but is available at the CUT restaurants. 

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