The ‘OggieAir, Clear Face’ respirator provides safe, cooling airflow for users in stressful humid environments. The clear full-face visor allows the user to maintain a human connection with those around them, reducing fear, enabling lip-reading and reassuring facial expression, particularly for people with disabilities.

The purifier lasts for 8 hours on a single charge, and has a fully-certified virus filtration system. It also reduces reliance on single use, disposable products, reducing environmental waste, logistic challenges and the cost of imported face masks.

Designed and manufactured by assistive technology specialists Shonaquip Social Enterprise, to address the shortage of Personal Protection Equipment while creating local jobs. The design has been recognized by UNECA as an Innovative COVID19 Health Solutions.

The respirators are:

  • Locally available full-face masks
  • Easy to fit on any face shape
  • Comfortable for long periods of time (10 hours)
  • Re-usable resulting in continuous security of PPE supply over a long period of time
  • Can be sterilized
  • Non-disposal nature reduces the impact on the environment
  • Lower cost compared to import alternatives
  • Cost-saving over time compared to disposable alternatives

Additional advantages of these masks are that they:

  • Reduce the risk of face touching
  • Can be used comfortably in warm environments
  • Allow full-face view which promotes inclusion for people with disability relying on non-audible communication
  • Health care workers have a means to protect themselves in order to care for patients
  • More people are protected against Covid19

In an economic context to promote development in Africa:

  • Local capacity to fight the spread of this pandemic is increased
  • Increased employment opportunities in a facility that actively engages in inclusive open labour practice 
  • Can be manufactured using “off the shelve” local components stimulating the local economy

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