A method of extracting beneficial compounds from moringa for addition in foods, drinks and dietary supplements to increase their vitamin content and their health benefits.

Plants, such as those of the Moringaceae family, contain compounds that have antioxidant and immune-boosting properties which are beneficial to human health when ingested. In order to add these compounds to food, drinks and dietary supplements they must first be extracted from the plant. The currently used methods of extraction are dependent on the use of large volumes of organic solvents which are not only expensive and environmentally hazardous but are also hazardous to human health.

Wits researchers have developed a method which allows for the preparation of a Moringa extract using an aqueous pressure-based technique. This extract is high in vitamin and antioxidant content but free from trace amounts of organic solvents. This makes it ideal for easy inclusion in food, drinks and dietary supplements with increased health benefits.

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