North-West University
Overview of innovation

The Medical Screening App (MSA) is a mobile application which provides fast and accurate screening assistance for use by medical practitioners and individuals. The screening capabilities currently include vitamin A deficiency, metabolic syndrome and stroke. The app can assist patients to proactively manage their health through regular screening in order to identify the onset of illnesses early and seek medical assistance. The application also provides a platform that medical practitioners, such as doctors to view, analyse and understand patient health risks by accessing their screening records upon consent.

This is a low cost and accessible technology, as standard smartphone capability is sufficient to perform the required scans. This could be a useful tool for governments to improve overall healthcare, especially in the African & Asia markets.

With governments globally under pressure with health budgets, this low-cost solution will solve expensive infrastructure procurement. It can be rolled-out at low cost and the technology can be distributed fast as only a smartphone is required. The data generated through the App is also valuable to for governments to trace population wellbeing.

Innovation Opportunity Type
​Information and communication
software development
Human health and social work activities
Health Technologies
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 6 – Prototype tested in real-world settings
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