MaskMonitor is a software application developed at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology to detect human faces as they pass a camera with the purpose of determining whether they are wearing a mask properly or not. MaskMonitor uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to gather real-time, face mask compliance and related behavioural data. This data may be useful in helping to improve safety in public spaces and thereby play a part in slowing down the infection rate of COVID-19.

MaskMonitor can, for instance, allow the user to automate access to space for mask-wearing individuals only. It can ensure that workplaces are securely monitored and can assist businesses in maintaining a safe environment without sacrificing productivity. MaskMonitor also has application in areas where real-time feedback is important, namely in public spaces such as hospitals, shopping centres and schools.

In a nutshell MaskMonitor:

  • encourages the proper wearing of face masks in public spaces;
  • assists in providing a safer environment;
  • helps gather real-time, accurate behavioural face mask compliance data; and
  • provides data, which allows for informed decision making.


MaskMonitor works with other applications such as facial recognition, number plate identification and detection, Access Control and more and can be adapted or further developed in alignment with the specific needs of the user.

MaskMonitor is being offered on a royalty-free basis for specific applications.

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