University of Limpopo South Africa

Marula fruit beer, as commonly known in African communities, is currently produced by mostly women as an enterprise during the fruiting season. The fruit is highly nutritious and has good health properties. These attributes are potentially transferred into the marula beer.  The University of Limpopo is developing a marula fruit wine. The marula fruit is indigenous to Africa and it is predominant in the north and eastern part of South Africa. The strength of marula fruit wine is in its stimulating prowess as revered by the ardent consumers of the beverage. It is loved by young and old, men and women and it is always at the centre of social cohesion and cultural rituals during its season. This is a truly African beverage. 

The invention entails the production of a marula wine with high longevity and stability of sensory quality. The handling, fermentation and post-fermentation processing has been improved to develop a wine that will be available throughout. A huge market already exists within the African communities across the continent for the primary fermented wine. The small scale market research has produced good recommendation following analysis of the lab-scale matured marula wine.  A comprehensive analysis for the uptake of the large scale wine is needed, followed by the investigation of the stability of the wine for conditions used in the large scale productions and distribution chain.

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