This proposed Greenbricks project is a conventional brick/blockmaking plant for the ‘green’ production of popular brick and block variations from sugarcane bagasse ash (SBA) in combination with suitable cementitious binders such as fly ash and lime. The production of such ‘green’ building materials intends to address the challenges experienced by nearby agricultural and industrial sectors in terms of minimising unmanaged waste, landfill management problems and high energy use in, for instance, production of similar materials such as clay bricks.

The Greenbricks project plant is envisaged to be located near Richards Bay in northern Kwazulu-Natal, and production output would be sold to building material outlets (yards) or directly to residential and commercial building projects. The project will add value to the growing green building trend in South Africa, and will greatly improve the sustainable management of ash waste that is available at the many sugar factories in the northern Kwazulu-Natal region.

The University of Zululand (UniZulu) is currently conducting research, development and testing work on green brick materials, for the eventual production of commercial building bricks and blocks. The business plan has been developed to guide the potential commercialisation of a Greenbricks project.

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Mr Samson Mohomane
Prof Tshwafo E. Motaung