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Goal 15: Life on land
Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss

Protection of forest and terrestrial ecosystems is on the rise, and forest loss has slowed. That said, other facets of terrestrial conservation continue to demand accelerated action to protect biodiversity, land productivity and genetic resources and to curtail the loss of species.


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North-West University

The parentage verification or individuality identification test identifies specific gene markers that are highly variable and inherited from both parents. It does not determine species or breed type...

North-West University

Partfinder is an online-based mobile application which provides real-time identification of physical objects; in this case, mechanical parts belonging to agricultural equipment. The ability to...

Nambu Group

Nambu has developed an innovative low-cost model of insect protein production that turns food and other organic waste streams into a high-value source of proteins, oils and micronutrients ideal for...

Novelquip Forestry (Pty) Ltd

As global populations grow, so does the demand for timber and its by-products, putting an ever-increasing strain on this natural resource. The best way to fight climate change is to plant trees. But...