LeguPro is a protein-rich pasta that is produced from non-traditional pasta ingredients such as peanuts, soybeans and chickpeas. LeguPro is a cost-effective nutrient dense high protein healthy instant noodle product and aims to give consumers an alternative staple food product to be consumed as is, or with a vegetable or meat relish, as a meal. It is produced from a unique and proprietary combination of ingredient formulation and extrusion technology. The processing is undertaken with due attention to industry standards in order to enhance product quality.

Pasta consumption is growing in Africa, with South Africa producing 100 000 tons per annum, with an estimated average consumption of 1.9kg per person. South Africa is already the second-largest market on the continent after Tunisia. Urbanisation, a growing middle class, convenience and product innovation have driven the growth of the pasta segment in recent years. However, existing pasta recipes do not have the nutritional value for the low-income population that largely live on high carbohydrate, low protein diets.


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