Research Report

The SA Startup Act Movement, with support from FSD Africa, commissioned a case study report to share the real-life experiences and challenges of high-growth startups in South Africa navigating the policy landscape. This research will be used to make the business case for startup policy reforms, as stipulated in the SA Startup Act Position Paper 2021.

The research is intended to:

  • Showcase real life case studies of the experiences of startups with domestic investments and the challenges experienced when raising foreign investments.
  • Make the case for special tax dispensation for qualifying startups to increase availability of financial capital.
  • Make the case for employment flexibility and special skills visas to help startups attract and retain high-skilled talent and enable them to be globally competitive.
  • Make the case to address Exchange Control Limitations, which will help alleviate limitations on offshore movement of South African Intellectual Property, and limitations placed on the amounts of money moved offshore.
  • Outline the value proposition of the recommended startup policy reforms to various stakeholders.

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