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The CSIR is looking for partners to license and co-finance the commercialisation of maleic anhydride grafted polymer formulations in South Africa. The grafted polymers can be used as a compatibiliser for various applications.


  • Maleic anhydrite grafted polypropylene (PP-g-MA)
  • Maleic anhydrite grafted polyethylene (PE-g-MA)
  • Maleic anhydrite grafted polypropylene/polyethylene blend (PP-PE-g-MA)

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 Entrepreneurs who/organisation that:

  • Will be able to develop applications and markets for materials;
  • Are keen to collaborate and improve their product range and applications;
  • Have the resources and motivation to implement the technology;
  • Have the means to commercialise the technology;
  • Have demonstrated good business acumen and strategy; and
  • Willing to invest financially.  


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