Overview of Business

Intro space is an eco-friendly e-commerce store that awards buyers with both online and physical shopping. It focuses on providing a space for young entrepreneurs to come to grow and sell their products. It is an incubation that focuses on the growth and support of innovative ideas that will aid Botswana to being self-sufficient in priority to the food security of our country. Intro Space answers the problem of expensive operational costs although Botswana has Incubators, they favour well-established start-ups and one requires recognition and partnerships with big companies which are hard to form. Intro Space buys products that are made in Botswana and distribute them. If for example, an entrepreneur grows maize but is unable to process it, Intro Space buys it, processes it, and sells it, online and at the factory as well. 

Stage of Business
Industries Served
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Agribusiness and Agbio
Accommodation and food service activities
​Information and communication
Country / HQ
Required areas of assistance
Business Planning/Modelling
Buying and Selling
Mentoring and Coaching
Networking and Associations
Funding required
Seed funding