Institute of Entrepreneurial of Development (IED) aims to position Botswana as a beacon for innovation, entrepreneurship and prosperity in Africa by helping aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality. IED supports the development of business skills and knowledge as well as creating networking opportunities to catalyse the growth of the country’s startup community.

IED and Venture Creation Labs provide training, investment and mentoring to aspiring entrepreneurs to diversify the economy through the launch of successful startups to create wealth and jobs.


IED has adopted a training with incubation business model with IED generally offering longer term academic training programs and Venture Creation Labs assuming a business incubation/ accelerator role. Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem requires many initiatives to coalesce; we therefore provide support through key resources like skills development, mentoring and networking. In summary we facilitate the Ideation, Incubation and Acceleration process of business. All this is delivered through our Lean Start Up and Business Model Canvas philosophy embedded in all our programming.

IED Programmes:

  • Venture Creation Programme
  • Venture Incubation Programme
  • Venture Acceleration Programme
  • Entrepreneurship Short Courses
  • Young Entrepreneurship Leadership Programme
  • KidPreneur Entrepreneurship Programme
  • Entrepreneurship Masterclasses