SDG Intro

Goal 9: Industry, innovation & infrastructure
Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Steady progress has been made in the manufacturing industry. To achieve inclusive and sustainable industrialization, competitive economic forces need to be unleashed to generate employment and income, facilitate international trade and enable the efficient use of resources.


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North West University

The Stress and Stroke Predictor is a digital prediction tool that uses 3 biomarkers and blood pressure readings to accurately predict and quantify future risk of chronic stress and resulting diabetes...

Propella Business Incubator

This is a high-tech lighting solution that simulates a real skylight, having application to environments that have little or no access to natural lighting. This type of circadian lighting technology...

Akili Labs (Pty) Ltd

The development of a mobile molecular diagnostic device, the Akili MDx, to assist healthcare professionals with accurate diagnostics in the lab and in-field.The Akili MDx is in development and will...

Propella Business Incubator

AlertCent is an ICT Health Care Management system that keeps healthcare professionals in medical facilities, such as frail cares close to their patients by allowing for fast, easy, and secure patient...

Propella Business Incubator

Wijenga is an online service that matches home owners with local construction professionals and suppliers. Whether you would like to build a new house or do some renovations on your existing house...

Propella Business Incubator

Reseller-Solutions is a web-application that helps resellers, who want to generate quotes and deliver goods, by reducing the vulnerability of changing prices and providing them with a live feed system...