Overview of Business

Igagasi Biotech was established in 2020 to provide support to the booming biotechnology, biopharma and diagnostics industry to help bring health solutions to the Southern African region and the world at large. The company aims to develop biological reagents such as recombinant protein antigens, monoclonal antibodies and offer laboratory to semi-industry scale production as service to the industry. The company also offers custom contract research and development (R&D) development of biological products and upscale or biomanufacturing service to the specification of the interested party. This will result in the localization of development and manufacturing of biological reagents that are mostly source abroad, thus, aimed at creating job opportunities and contributing in the country’s economy. 

We have expertise in recombinant protein/antigen, recombinant antibodies and hybridoma (full-length) antibody reagents development for the design of rapid diagnostic tests for detection of infectious diseases. We also have expertise in lab-to-semi-industry scale (mg to grams) biomanufacturing of recombinant proteins and antibodies (recombinant or hybridomas) using both bacterial and mammalian expression systems. The company will also build up a portfolio of products/services targeting the diagnostic, biopharma and academic industry.

Stage of Business