University of Pretoria South Africa

The High Agility Hybrid Serial-Parallel Kinematic Robotic Arm architecture leverages off the benefits of serial and parallel kinematic machines while minimising the disadvantages of each. The design is based on the transmission of mechanical power via embedded drivetrains to each joint in the system from actuators that remain stationary in the base. This promotes a light weight structure with greater stiffness, stability and dynamic performance while still offering high agility, a low footprint to end effector reach ratio and a near spherical work envelope.  This architecture lends itself to the development of reconfigurable industrial robots that facilitates flexibility in automated manufacturing facilities also, the lighter weight and optimised arm structure allows for the deployment of robots with this architecture as Cobots. Although the concept was applied to an industrial robotic arm, this concept can be also be applied to and implemented in robotic exoskeletons and robotic prosthetics.

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