Ticket iD (Pty) Ltd has partnered with Aratek international to supply Facial Recognition Thermal units to the South African market. These devices can act as an access control device that identifies individuals through facial recognition software coupled with a thermometer to help combat COVID 19. In these dire times, early detection of high-temperature individuals gives any organization an upper hand in eradicating this disease within their office. The unit is ideal for office and school use and has the capability to load records remotely or directly on the device. Fitted with Bluetooth, wifi capabilities, and RJ45 cable, the unit can connect easily to the internet to communicate with a desktop application for remote management. Once installed, you can utilize the device for time and attendance purposes whilst checking temperature each morning and afternoon when individuals get scanned.

Daily, weekly or monthly records can be downloaded for management purposes to help manage each individual effectively as apposed to a blanked approach. The device comes standard with training and well as remote support.

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